jan-willem krijgsman life coach

Expat Coaching Netherlands

Supports expats to be 'at home' within large corporates

via the Be You - Be Happy @Work Solution!

Expat Coaching Netherlands

Supports expats to be themselves within large corporates

with the Be You - Be Happy @Work Solution!


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I am Jan-Willem Krijgsman, life coach for Expats working as Professionals and Managers in large corporates, banks and consultancy firms

life coaching

Work Stress Coaching

AFter the initial thrill of a new country, you may be exposed to more stress as an expat, than your domestic counterparts. You may be worried your partner might not find work or can not get settled, you may be worried about building your local network of friends and support and about how to deal with the Dutch culture. This on top of the general work stress. If you recognise some of this, and already tried to get rid of this stress, then in a way you may be stuck because the way you deal with it now does not work for you. Then it is good to investigate how you do things. For example, you may be inclined to do your best, to be perfectionistic and/or have difficulty to say no. You can call this way of doing things 'patterns of behaviour', and those can be relaxed! I support you to discover who you are in a deeper level. To find out how to set your boundaries ('what do I not want?'), to set the agenda ('what do I want?') and to make a decision regarding your position  on issues ('what do I think of this'). This is possible if you learn to recognize your patterns, can relax them more and are given the opportunity to make other choices through more awareness. How wonderful is this freedom, where you are no longer run by your patterns! And this is possible with all patterns.

anger coaching

Anger Management Coaching

If you feel as an expat you are not treated the way you should, or notice that relationships with your boss or colleagues are difficult and you get irritated, frustrated or angry, then it may be that emotions get in the way.  Then Irritation or anger doesn't work effectively for you.

By restoring the effective functioning of such emotions, you become master of them in stead of them being to some extent master over you. If you restore the function you learn to 'read' the information that your emotion contains and also understand why a lot of energy comes up if you get triggered. By taking in the information embedded in the emotion, it becomes possible to respond based on this, which is generally very different to one's initial inclination. Where your current inclination doesn't work, such a response leads to better and deeper relationships with people who matter. Many coachees already called this 'life changing'! In addition, the way you deal with irritation or anger affects also positvely the relationships in your private life.

ikigai coaching

Ideal Job Coaching

If you do the same work or similar as you did in  your home country as an expat, and you find you are not fulfilled. It may be that changing the country is not what makes you happy. If you are not sure you are doing the work that fulfils you: the question may pop up: 'is this really all there is?' You may not be dissatisfied, but somewhere there is a feeling that there is more. Not sure you are moving in the right direction. The good news is that you have come to the great question 'what is my life about?'. There are various proven methods to get clarity in yourself what you really  want to do. Using these you can build your own mission and vision for your life. Once you have your vision, you know where to go. You are no longer responding to whatever comes up, but you take leadership and determine the direction of your live. With a vision you are much more likely to live what you love than if you have no idea.  I can tell from the experience of many that this perspective changes your life.

About me

I studied as a Business Economist (Erasmus University Rotterdam),  after my studies I first obtained some rural experience as a cow milker in a kibbutz, Ein Hashlosha, Israel, and a French teacher in Ngogwe, Uganda. Then in 5 years I became the Dutch equivalent of a CPA and became a Manager at one of the large firms (PwC) and after that moved to De Nederlandsche Bank to become a  (senior) supervisor or regulator. After that i joined a large bank (Rabobank) and became (global) manager. Because working in teams within a professional environment is one of my other passions, I still dedicate myself to projects in (Rabobank), in addition to my practice as an Expat Coach in Maarssen.

In addition to working in big organisations, I have invested a lot oo time and money in the past 23 years in personal development and my education as a coach. I have combined all this knowledge and experience in a methodology to help expat professionals and managers in large organisations to become happy in their organisations. This method is proven now and has brought many people happiness, fulfilment and more depth in their lives. The method is called the 'Be You - Be Happy @Work Solution!  

I have supported a large number of expats so far, via this method generally with a work-related growth goal. Ultimately, I want to contribute to you being more aware of  the things that do not work for you anymore, and support you in being more at 'home' in your self, in whatever country you are in. Of course, in this way you also become (even more) more effective!