Looking for a Coach to work with your irritation or anger?

If you are struggling with irritation (or anger) towards colleagues or a boss, the short anger management program can support you.


And you are not the first to struggle with this; Aristotle said:


“Anybody can become angry - that is easy, but to be angry with the right person and to the right degree and at the right time and for the right purpose and in the righ way - that is not within everybody's power and is not easy.”

Jan willem Krijgsman

Provides Quick insight in what your irritation is really about

Techniques to find out what your anger is about at a deeper level; why you get so upset. Then it is also more clear what needs to be done.

Gives tools to work with anger also after the coaching

The containment method you can also use after the coaching whenever you have irritation or anger and want to know what it is about.

Effective based on 23+ years coaching experience

The coaching program is based upon many many years and a huge amount of money invested in personaldevelopment, coaching and training over the past 23+ years.

Can I get rid of irritation or even anger?

anger coaching

Use irritation or anger effectively

Irritation (or a stronger manifestation of the emotion anger) can be particularly damaging to work relationships (and, of course, private relationships). It becomes even more difficult when you are angry with your boss, as then hierarchy comes into play. But with anyone in a work context when you may become irritated, before  you know it you may already have said something that could harm the relationship. This makes you less effective.

Mind you, I'm not saying irritation should be ignored or is about irrelevant stuff. To the contrary, there is a lot of information underneath your irritation or anger that you can, and probably should, want to do something with. However, you don't want your emotion to be in charge, you want to stay in control.

Additionally, anger is an unaccepted emotion in our society. As is Irritation . As a result, it is often also repressed. It may even be the case that you hardly feel any irritation at all, only that it sometimes comes on suddenly.

I recognize both cases. For me, it has been extremely effective to fully live out the anger once in a what is called a 'discharge session'. Then to be given multiple methods to arrive at a well-thought-out response, based on the information contained in the emotion (which usually goes beyond the obvious). This allows you to restore the function of the emotion anger instead of being led by it.

What I can do, you can do more quickly: Step into the Anger Management Coaching!

By completely living out your irritation once, and seeing what information is underneath, there will be more relaxation. It helps you to control the reaction you have to this emotion because you also know more about what is deeper underneath it. Then, with the information you obtained, you can give a meaningful response to whatever it was that triggered your irritation or anger. Irritation or anger often is ultimately about your boundaries that have been crossed.

The advantages of entering this coaching process are:

  • You get clear what your irritation or anger is really about
  • You get clear what information is underneath your irritation or anger that you can base your response on.
  • You get more control over your reactions to your irritation or anger.
  • Your relationships get better there is more connection where the irritation or anger first got in the way.
  • You become more powerful because anger can also give you access to your true power.

What are the building blocks of the Anger Management Coaching?

Krijgsman Coaching

Step 1 -understanding the pattern in your irritation

After the intake the first step is to look together at what your irritation or anger is about, what any patterns of behaviour are in this context. Also look at the reasons behind doing it the way you do it.

Krijgsman Coaching

Step 2 - Living out your anger ('hot method')

It gives you a lot if you know what your irritation is actually about. There is also a lot to learn about what the whole phenomenon of anger really is, and what this emotion can do for you in a good way. By allowing yourself to live your irritation or anger completely (the 'hot method'), you can gain access to the information that is underneath. This gives you various insights. Generally it is about something that really matters to you and as stated above certain boundaries have been crossed for you. As you learn more about you irritation or anger, you get a better handle on it. If you can relate more freely with the emotion, it does not influence your behaviour unconsciously, but you have more control over it. Generally, this step takes 2-3 sessions. I have written a blog on this.
containment of anger

Step 3 - Contain irritation or anger ('warm method') 

If you let the irritation run its course, you have already reacted before you know it, your automatic reflex. This backfires if you want to connect with people. By taking in the information that is underneath your irritation or anger, you can give an informed intelligent response, if you have sufficient awareness when it occurs again. There are a number of methods to do this. This is the next step to manage your anger or irritation. One of these methods is the so-called 'warm' method, if you want to read more about this see this article. Additionally there is the 'cool method' which requires some level of transmental awareness.

happy after coaching

Step 3 -Move beyond your patterns

In this last step you move beyond your pattern towards who you really are one level deeper. Research shows that people rarely move beyond the level of their mind and are therefore generally stuck at the level of reactive responses. If these do not work for you this is called a pattern. To move beyond your pattern creates more and more identfication with the parts of you that are more relaxed and have a really broad perspective. This is also called True Self.
anger management coaching

Anger Management Coaching program

What do you get in the coaching process?

1 intake (free)

1 session 1.5 hours Step 1 - understanding the pattern

2-3 sessions Step 2 - Living out your anger ('hot method)

1 session Step 3 - Contain you ranger ('warm method')

Optional - 1 session Step 3 above 'cool method'

100% satisfaction guaranteed!

If you are not happy with a session, then withing 2 weeks you get your money back for the session - no discussion

Regain joy

'"The session with Jan-Willem helped me find answers and regain the joy that should always be available in each of us. I twas a refreshing and beautiful introspection for which I am very grateful."  Professional in a large multinational bank

Pure realisation 'who am I'

 "What I find very impressive about the coaching sessions is the fact that they can be used for simple goals (e.g. reducing irritation, expressing boundaries) or deeper objectives (e.g. what is anger, am I in control of it) or for pure realisation (who am I and what are my emotions).'" Consultant for a large multinational bank

Clarity regarding my personality

""His commitment to guiding the process you are going througth gives you confidence that the outcome is worth it. Because I am more 'myself' the not for profit organisation I lead benefits form the clarity gained regarding my personality."  Executive Leader Non-Profit Organisation

Life Coach

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Feel Good where ever you are

Because you know whom you are at a deep level, you are more at 'home' in your self.

More Relaxed

Anger also empowers! If you can stop someone if they cross your boundary, that gives you more relaxation.

Furthermore, as you learn about the patterns of behaviour and beliefs that give you stress, and learn how to relax them;  you can relax more.

Enjoy that there is more to life!

Rather than thinking there must be more to life, you  know there is more to life!

Insight in your personality

By increasing your knowledge about your personality you become more aware of that patterns of behaviour that do work for you and that do not. And via this awareness you have more choice to pick the ones that do.

Break free from negative beliefs

Negative beliefs undermine your potential, so by processing these you can become free of their hold.

Clarity on who you are beyond  your personality

If you have been able to move beyond your personality, then you can live more from whom you really are (true self)