Surmount Work Stress and Find Your Ideal Job
18 februari 2024 

Surmount Work Stress and Find Your Ideal Job

Surmount Work Stress and Find Your Ideal Job

Are you grappling with work stress? Could it be that you are not fulfilled with what you are doing in your current job? Therebored are more underlying reasons possible for work stress, which I will cover in other blogs, but one cause could be that the job you are currently in, does not contribute to something that really matters to you. It might be that you feel lost in the maze of external expectations.  Let's unravel the causes and chart a course to your ideal job or life purpose.

External Orientation: Breaking Free

From childhood, we're conditioned to meet external expectations. And we might actually become good at whatever it is that is expected! But success doesn't always equate to fulfilment. I discovered this firsthand, realizing that true happiness can be found by moving from an outward orientation (external expecations) to within.

Internal Orientation: Discovering Your Essence

find your own visionShifting from external to internal focus is key. Clearing ingrained patterns and bringing them into your consciousness reduces identification with them. This gives more space to whom it is that you really are, also called your self, your true self or unique self. By improving your contact with whom you really are, you have more readily contact with that what really matters to you. The things in the world you want to contribute to, or change, or improve. This is called your Unique Purpose. That is not something mystical per se, it is what lies clearly within you if you take out all the surface noise of the external orientation. If you can align your work with your unique purpose – then you are in your ideal job.

Finding Your Mission

Why am I here? It's a question as old as humanity itself. If you articulate your mission of your life based on your purpose,fulfilled this provides clarity and direction. Start with the end in mind: envision your legacy, then live it. This can greatly reduce work stress, because you have a clear ‘why’!

It's Possible

With introspection and guidance, you can navigate the complexities of work stress and unearth your true calling. I did it, but it took me a while. I have combined all I have learned in the 5 step approach of the ‘Be You- Be Happy @Work Solution’. Let's embark on this transformative journey together!


About the author
BACKGROUND IN COMPLEX MULTINATIONALS - BECOMING VISIBLE AS ME Throughout my career, my roles have consistently been in the capacity of a Professional, Senior, or Manager within large, complex enterprises operating on an international scale. Consequently, I am well-acquainted with the working environment of professionals. In my personal development, I have undergone a significant transformation – evolving from someone inclined to keep thoughts to myself to an individual who confidently takes a stance and communicates with clarity and strength whenever I deem it necessary. This transformation led to my appointment as a global manager, overseeing approximately 75 employees. Additionally, I have increasingly allowed myself to become visible, a process that was at times challenging but has proven to be highly rewarding. 'GROWING UP' AND 'SHOWING UP' In addition to my corporate work, I have invested significantly in personal development. Not only in terms of skills but also, in the words of Ken Wilber, both 'growing up' and 'waking up'. 'Growing up' involves becoming aware of your own patterns, while 'waking up' is about increasing the ability to be aware in the moment. The latter is literally waking up to what is as well as shifting your center of gravity from the mind to your true self or deeper levels of awareness. I enjoy supporting individuals in 'growing up' and 'waking up' because I believe everyone deserves that level of happiness and true success in line with what you really care about. In my coaching, I focus primarily on individuals with work-related growth goals. Ultimately, my aim is to contribute to your increased awareness of how you operate. I want you to be able to recognize and manage your patterns, enabling you to feel more at ease and be even more effective!
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