Looking for a Coach to find your ideal job or 'purpose'?

If you are not sure that in your role  you are contributing to something you really care about: I designed for you the Be You- Be Happy @Work Solution. Clarity in 5 steps!


“What a liberation to realize that the “voice in my head” is not who I am. Who am I then? The one who sees that.”

Tailored to Multinational environment

Having worked in multinational organisations / environments all my life I have been able to tailor the program to Expats.

Designed for Expats

Based on many years of experience coaching Expats the Be You - Be Happy @Work solution is tailored and refined.

Effective based on 23+ years experience

The coaching program is based upon many many years and a huge amount of money invested in personaldevelopment, coaching and training over the past 23+ years.

Can I find  my ideal job or 'purpose'?

find your own vision

Working in a multinational

Are you an expat (professional, manager) who has made several steps in a career in a multinationabut are you not sure that what you do in your current role really makes you happy?Then it is time to figure out what you really want. Time to find your vision on your life!



I spent years striving to become a successful manager, chasing financial success. Once I achieved it all, I realised I wasn't as profoundly happy as I had envisioned.

That's when my quest began to uncover what truly matters to me. Through significant investments in personal leadership, I arrived at a vision for my life—a perspective that encompasses all crucial aspects (Work, relationships, personal growth, home) and brings them into order.

This journey took time, and I've condensed everything I learned into a concise and effective coaching process. By exploring beyond your personality to whom you really are (called 'True Self' in coaching land) and constructing your vision from that point, you can discover what truly matters to you.

What I can do, you can do more quickly: Create your vision - Phase I of the 'Be You - Be happy@work Solution!'

When you have a vision of what is important to you, the likelihood of achieving your ideal job increases significantly compared to navigating life somewhat randomly. The way you currently live is, in essence, a manifestation of a vision. The crucial question is: is this a conscious vision? If it's an unconscious one, if you stick to this vision you will keep doing what you always did, and then you keep getting what you've already been getting.

For me, the most significant shift was moving from an external orientation (what do I think others want from me) to an internal orientation (what do I want for myself). This is vastly different from an egocentric approach because what I want for myself can very well contribute to someone else's happiness.

By crafting a vision from an internal orientation, transcending awareness beyond your patterns, you find your purpose. By creating a clear vision in writing of what truly matters to you, this brings your life closer to what is essential, leading to increased satisfaction and happiness. The benefits of embarking on this coaching journey include:

  • Gaining clarity on the layers within your personality and beyond.
  • Understanding when you are living your vision beyond your personality and when you are operating from within it.
  • Gaining clarity on what truly matters in your life.

For me, it became evident that coaching is a calling, and I wholeheartedly wish you the joy that comes with fulfilling your calling. A person who lives from a vision is more powerful and more connected to themselves.

What are the building blocks of the Be You - Be Happy @Work Solution?

Finding your Ikigay

Step 1 - Research your personality (Who am I?) 

By clarifying the various layers in who  you are, starting with your personality, you gain insight into what your (largely unconscious) reactive patterns are. As an expat specifically you may find you are trying to escape things that are inside you by moving from country to country.  

To get clarity on your personality and patterns that do not work for you, we will use the Enneagram. And what's behind it. You don't go looking if you're not aware that something in your patterns (for example, working too hard,  unable to say 'no', feeling responsible for everything and everyone, etc.) isn't working for you. 

In general, patterns are based on pain avoidance, old pain.  By looking at this pattern from your current adult perspective, it can relax. For example, I use methods and techniques that help you to manage your patterns. This is a necessary step to be able to move beyond those patterns.


integral approach

Step 2 - Relax your personality (three levels)

By looking at your personality from 3 levels (physical, emotional, mental) you get 3 approaches to relax understand and relax your personality. Focusing coaching on each of those levels and perspectives which interrelate, the change in you becomes more fundamental. Hence an increased level of freedom from your pattern becomes a reality.  There are various methods and techniques to make changes to each of those levels.

In this step you will also learn more about your emotions and how to be effective with them, rather than be ruled by them consciously or unconsciously (as they are always at work, no matter if you listen to them or not). So it is definitely better to be conscious of them, and use them as your dashboard to living a fulfilled life!

integral coaching

Step 3 - Reach beyond your personality (level 4)? 

By knowing better how your personality (including your patterns of behaviour) works, you know when you are 'trapped' in your patterns. Through various methods and techniques (voice dialogue, visualization, among others) you can move beyond your personality. If you see your pattern from here, then you are no longer identified with it. The more awareness shines on your pattern, the freer you become. 


Step 4 - Receive your vision

As you establish a better connection with the part of you that exists beyond your personality, you have easier access to your vision from beyond the 'fear inspired' mind-based patterns that currently inform your direction. This way you can find your true purpose, or Ikigai, or however you want to call it. The things that you really really care about. 

integral coaching

Step 5 - Realise your vision! 

After you have more clarity on your vision from the perspective of you true self, the next step is to make it more concrete. Together, we will therefore explicitly articulate your vision in a document for each of the crucial areas of life—work, relationships, living, development, etc. Then the coaching can start on living your vision and making it actionable!

expat coaching

Be You - Be Happy @Work Solution

What do you get in the coaching process?

1 intake (free)

1 time 2 hours kick-off

12 face-to-face coaching sessions of one and a half hours (if you want can be partly online) 

2 times access on request via zoom or telephone if you need it

100% satisfaction guaranteed!

If you are not happy with a session, then withing 2 weeks you get your money back for the session - no discussion

Regain joy

'"The session with Jan-Willem helped me find answers and regain the joy that should always be available in each of us. I twas a refreshing and beautiful introspection for which I am very grateful."  Professional in a large multinational bank

Pure realisation 'who am I'

 "What I find very impressive about the coaching sessions is the fact that they can be used for simple goals (e.g. reducing irritation, expressing boundaries) or deeper objectives (e.g. what is anger, am I in control of it) or for pure realisation (who am I and what are my emotions).'" Consultant for a large multinational bank

Clarity regarding my personality

""His commitment to guiding the process you are going througth gives you confidence that the outcome is worth it. Because I am more 'myself' the not for profit organisation I lead benefits form the clarity gained regarding my personality."  Executive Leader Non-Profit Organisation

Life Coach

Book your life changing coaching with the Be You - Be Happy @Work Solution (Phase I)

Feel Good - there is more to Life!

Because you know whom you are at a deep level, you are more at 'home' in your self. Rather than thinking there must be more to life, you  know there is more to life

More Relaxed

As you learn about the patterns of behaviour and beliefs that give you stress, and learn how to relax them;  you can relax more.

Have clarity on what is keeping you from happiness

Clarity on the patterns of behaviour that do not work for you, starts the process of changing them. Adding awareness creates a moment in which you have a choice to apply more effective behaviour.

Find your ideal job

By finding your purpose, your ikigai, what truly matters to you. You can then start to find the job that suits to your vision. Then you will experience true fulfillment

Break free from negative beliefs

Negative beliefs undermine your potential, so by processing these you can become free of their hold.

Clarity on who you are beyond  your personality

If you have been able to move beyond your personality, then you can live more from whom you really are (true self)